Movie Stag

Movie Stag


Sick of paintballing?

Tired of go-karting?

Wanna try something 100 per cent unique that isn’t been done ANYWHERE ELSE?

Get your kilts ready, and your war paint on, our BraveHeart  movie stag theme is gonna knock your socks off!


What the haggis is it?

Make your way down to the Oysterhaven Activity Centre and find out!

  • Upon arrival you’ll get cladded out with your wig and costume. Then you’ll make your way to the studio to play out a few games in front of the green screen.
  • After you’re all buzzed up and adrenaline-fueled from your first movie debut, the teams will hit the obstacle course, to compete and be filmed. We’ll capture all your natural competitiveness and muck savage roaring and stick it all into a movie trailer for you.
  • With the footage from the studio, we can put you and your pals in front of an army or on top of a mountain! This combined with the obstacle course footage will be the making of one awesome and unforgettable stag.
  • You’ll receive the DVD  movie trailer within two weeks (as movie art takes time in post production). Premier it at the wedding or at a lads night out, it’s sure to be a hit, and you’ll always have it!

@ €55 per stag (minimum of 10 stags) Click to BOOK or ENQUIRE